Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Cake

This recipe is from one of my MOPS friends. We moms like easy, yummy recipes! I am sending the email she sent to us in its entirety.

Some of you asked for the recipe for the bunt cake I brought to brunch on Wednesday. It's super easy.

Start with your basic Yellow Cake Mix. I just happened to use the Pillsbury Moist Supreme Yellow Cake this time because it was on sale.

What you want to do is follow the directions on the box (eggs, oil or butter etc.) EXCEPT substitute Dry Sherry as your liquid instead of water. I bought the Fairbanks brand of Dry Sherry. Toss in a 1 tsp of NUTMEG, mix and bake as directed.

After the cake is cooled dust it with some powdered sugar and you are done.

I don't know where my mom got this recipe but she's been making this cake for holiday parties since I can remember.

I'm happy to share it with all of you.

Jackie (Lorenzo) Cox

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